Meet the Team


Shane Meade - Creator and Founder

Shane created and founded The Always Next Year Podcast. Shane serves as the lead show host for MLB, NBA, NFL and Crossing Borders w/ ANYP segments as well as co-host to NHL and Whiskey Ramble segments. He serves as the websites lead editor for all written articles and oversees all operations of the website, show and blog. Follow Shane on twitter @shane_meade.


LJ Harrell and Steve Schmidt

LJ and Steve are the two original co-founders along with Shane. LJ has background in radio, graduating from West Chester University with a degree in marketing, while serving as the Sports Director for the campus radio station. LJ serves as our lead host on the Kelly Green Hour segment as well as co-hosts on a WWE wrestling segment. Steve "Whiskey Schmidty" Schmidt co-hosts on NFL, NHL and MLB segments as well as the credit to the name, "Always Next Year." Steve has also rewarded his loyal fans with an outside the box, "Whiskey Ramble" segment as well as ANYP's only non-Philly show, Chiefs Talk w/ ANYP! Follow LJ and Steve on Twitter @LJHarrell54 and @schmidty324


Connor Donald, Rob Gilmore and Stephanie Frankenfield

Connor, Rob and Stephanie joined several months into the building of The Always Next Year Podcast. Connor was an original listener and follower of the Pod and joined via our first round of interviews to expand the team.  Connor has been an integral addition to existing segments such as Disciplines of Ed and Kelly Green Hour as well as two new segments, Crossing Borders and The People's Take. Rob helped elevate the Always Next Year Team and brand to a new level with his radio and reporting experience with WBCB Radio. Rob, along with Shane oversees all operations. Rob also co-hosts NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA segments and assists in editing/publishing of shows and articles. Stephanie is our Social Media editor and hosts a NCAA Softball World Series show every season. Follow Connor, Rob and Stephanie on Twitter  @Connorten @radio_rob and @stephanieerae90.

The Writers


Pete Romanus - @ANY_Pete

Sean New - @SeanNew27

Joe Borek - JJborek26

Scott Novick


Scott is the newest Podcast member to join the team and serves as a co-host on TJ's One Of Us as well as a member of our writing team.  

The Writers


Andrew Santangelo - @aj_santangelo

Joe Berardi - @BrospehBiscuit


How It All Started...

The Always Next Year Podcast Team

The Always Next Year Podcast was created and founded by Shane Meade. Shane was joined by original co-founding partners LJ Harrell and Steve Schmidt. Upon the growth of our show and original Wordpress blog, Shane acquired three new members to round out the team. Rob Gilmore, Kevin Kuscavage and Stephanie Frankenfield.  Kevin has since moved on, but was replaced by our Canadian friend, Mr. Connor Donald!  Finally, in a roud of expansions, the ANYP team added Scott Novick to the podcast and writing team as well as five new writers who help bring quality content out on a regular basis. What originally began as an idea to write blog posts about takes on Philly sports has grown into a multidimensional podcast show, written articles, YouTube video segments and live game tweets on an active Twitter account.  

Shane, LJ and Steve had all worked together for years and believed their knowledge of the game, along with their passion for Philly sports could produce an interesting and informative product. We brainstormed ideas and approaches and worked diligently at our craft to find our direction. This led us to Rob, Kevin and Connor. Shane went to High School with Rob and knew Kevin vicariously through mutual acquaintances. Connor was an original listener of the Pod and reached out during a round of interviews to expand the team. Scott and Shane have known each other all their lives and Scott agreed to join the team to bring a pop cultural spin on several segments and written pieces.  The final piece to our puzzle was a social media personality and spokesperson. Stephanie was a late join, but her contributions are not small. Stephanie helps advertise our segments, brand and articles as well as serves as a lead editor in all written work.  

The team is well rounded in knowledge of each sport, however we each have our "specialty". 

Shane - MLB


Steve - NHL/All things Whiskey and Rambles

Rob - NHL

Connor - NFL/WWE Wrestling

Stephanie - Women's College World Series (Softball)

Scott - NBA

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