The Kelly Green Hour Podcast

The Hosts

@LJHarrell54 and @Connorten

The Show

Lj and Connor give you two Eagles pods a week previewing games and reviewing each weeks win, or loss.

Mail/take Bag

You can write in your takes, or questions to the pod by tweeting at either host, or the @ANYPodcast account on twitter!  DM Audio rants to be played on show.

Backyard Beers and Football Podcast




I rate the drink that is Rob's week.  As a sober human.

BYBF - Podcast


We blend Eagles football, live advice and alcohol all in one show!  Sure, facts and analysis are great, but obscure takes and beer is better!




Whether it's a light beer, or a whiskey no week goes dry.  Eagles football is here and I'll be smoking cigars with something on ice.

Lane Johnson's Groundhog Advice Column


To credit a WIP 94.1 interview, Lane Johnson's summer was dealing with groundhogs in his yard.  We've spun this into an advice column here on BYBF!  So, write in your best asks for advice to

Rate The Drink!


Sober Shane puts rating to the drink selection of Rob based solely off story of his week.  What's Rob's week calling for?  Beer?  Hard Liquor?  Shane gives the out of 10 rating to close the show! 

Torch a Beat Writer


Ever want to lash out at one of Philly's chosen beat writers for horrendous takes?? We do.  And so, we do it on the pod!  Send us your best reactions to a beat writers tweet, or radio appearance and we'll read it on the show!