Philadelphia Flyers

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@Radio_Rob brings the energy and the takes for the ANYP Flyers hockey pod: Disciples of Ed!  Rob was a former reporter for WBCB Radio where he was credentialed with the Flyers in another life.  Now, he is here to speak Nittymaki into the conversation of best Goaltender to date and he was the Uber who drove Andrew MacDonald out of the city!

DoE - Disciples of Ed


Your unhinged weekly Flyers segment, breaking down all things orange and black!  A former credentialed reporter and a guy who wears the logo over his heart come together to provide you with your quality NHL Flyers content!

Close the deal


@Schmidty324 comes with the logo over his heart, whiskey in his glass and a certified genius of Capfriendly - ANYP's cap geek and endless pit of Flyers knowledge.  Driver of the GusBus and Jason Akeson was his first born.